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Components of E-content module.


2.1.        Objectives & Keywords

2.2.        Introduction

2.3.        e-text/ main content

2.4.        Summary

2.5.        Chunk text

2.6.        Assessment & Evaluation

2.7.        Interesting facts

2.8.        References

2.9.        Glossary


2.1. Objectives : By reading this module, definitely you would have a clear cut idea and general view of \cataloguing practical of various types of special materials & that of electronic resources. Also you will understand the physical descriptions of such materials which significantly differs from one another. The nature of access point varies substantially depending on the type of special materials. Appropriate punctuations have also been cited for demarcation of each item of new information. Suitable examples have been given for better learning.


Keywords : Statement of responsibility, filmstrip, microfisch, micro card, remote access & local



2.2.        Introduction :


The products need to have sufficient knowledge about the various rules and guidelines how to describe the items of information to be incorporated in an entry as needed by the students and to satisfy the approach of the users searching the materials on common and popular “Access point”. Besides this module will help them to catalogue such materials when appointed in Doordarshan, AIR, Software companies, Museums, Geological survey of India, Map libraries, Manuscript library, Electronic library etc. effectively. The information about such type of special materials and its main entry have been prepared.


2.3.        E-text/ Main content :


Cataloguing practical of each type of special materials as enumerated above have been discussed with illustrative examples.





Title-1: National Economic development atlas of Bangladesh, Scale1:7000. Size of Atlas is 60x80cm. It is a set of 10 maps showing communication, political, annual rainfall, temperature and rivers.


Published by Geological survey of Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2006.

Other information : All maps in the at las are coloured and some are folded. It consists of vi+24 pages.


Main Entry :

National                                                                                                       Economic development    Atlas                                                                                                                                                      of Bangladesh      [map]   .–                                                                                                                                                      Scale      1:37000


.–Dhaka : Surveyor general of Bangladesh, 2006.

1 atlas (vi, 24p. : 10 col. maps (some folded) ; 60x80cm.



Set of 10 maps showing communications political, annual rainfall, temperature and rivers.


1 Bangladesh – Atlas.


Title – 2 : Tourist map of Andhra Pradesh/ Govt. of Andhra Pradesh/ Dept. of Tourism Hyderabad/ Editor/ R.K. Saxena/ Superintendent/ Govt. printing and stationary/ Hyderabad Copyright : Supdt. Govt. Printing and Sationary, 2011


It contains 16 coloured maps of “9×4” each. The maps are printed in 10 separate sheets of 14”x9” each. The sheets containing maps are folded into 24 x 10 cm each. The names of places are given in Telugu in red ink. The map provided on alphabetical index of famous tourist places of all the districts of A.P. The scale of map ranging from 1=2,00,000 to 1=30,0000. It is a very useful guide for the tourists.


Main entry :

Andhra Pradesh.Department of Tourism

Tourist map of Andhra Pradesh [map]/ edited by R.K. Saxena

.– Scale 1:2,00,000-1:3,00,000.–Hyderabad : Govt. of Printing and Stationary, 2011.

16 map : col, on sheet 14”x9” folded to 24x10cm.

Useful guide for the tourists

Place names in Telugu in red ink.


Includes an alphabetical index of famous tourist places of all the districts of Andhra Pradesh.


1 Andhra Pradesh-Description and Travel I Saxena, R.K I Title


Title-3. A coloured world globe showing the continents, seas and physical data of the world mounted on metal stand made of wood was published by, National Geographical Society in 1989. The scale of the globe is 1:25, 290 and 1 inch to780 miles. The diameter of globe is 26cm and accompanied by 1 guide manual.


It is a free ball globe in transparent plastic cradle with graduated horizon in circle.


Main Entry :

World globe [globe]-Scale 1:25,290.1 in to 780 miles – [s.l.]: National Geographic Society, 1989.

1 globe : col wood mounted on metal stand, 12cm in diam. +1 guide manual.

It is a free ball of globe in transparent plastic cradle with graduated horizon in circle.

Shows the continents, seas and physical data.

1  World-Geomorphology.


Title-1 2.3.2 MANUSCRIPT :


A hand written manuscript work entitled ‘Sesh Dekha” was written by Pradip Ghosh in Bengali in the form of a poem at New York in April 1959 (as mentioned at the end of the work written by Pradip Ghosh). The Ms. Work consists of 18 leaves and folded to 8x12cm. written in author’s own handwriting. It contains illustrations of open sketches on the top of each leaf. The manuscript is accompanied by a type written copy in 8 leaves as well as a personal letter from the author addressd to his daughter to whom the poem is dedicated.


Height 25cm. The manuscript work was printed and published in 1963 in “Adhunik Kabita,” volume 36, no. 4, P-32-33.


Main entry :   Ghosh, Pradip


Sesh dekha [manuseript]/ by Pradip Ghosh.-1959.

18 leaves: ill.; 25cm folded to 8x12cm.



In Bengali

At end: New York

Published in : Adhunik Kavita, nol 36 (1963), 4, p.32-33


Accompanied by a type written copy in 8 leaves as well as a personal letter to his daughter. 1 Bengali Poem I-title


2.3.3     MUSIC :

Farewell my friend : a musical play


Music by : John Smith; Lyrics by: Sewart Lewis

Book by : Tony Lever and Jack Rogert

New York, Universal Book, 1962

Other inf : It is a vocal score and liberetto based on Eternal Friendship by Allen Davidson.

The size the text is 24 cm. Contains 66 pages with illustrations.


MAIN NTRY :   Smith, John


Farewell my friend [music]/ by John Smith, Lyrics by Stewart Lewis; book by Tony Lever and Jack Rogert .–New York: Universal Book’s, 1962.


66p : ill.; 24 cm

A vocal score : liberetto based on Eternal Friendship by Allen Davidson.

1Lever,Tony  11 Rogert, Jack


Note: The above entry is prepared according to Rule 21.19A. But a Name Title added entry is to be made under Allen Davidson.




Forget me not is a sound recording produced by David Smith. Manufactured by Atlanta Records, New York and distributed by Global Records in 1987. It has two sides and the Diameter of dise : 7 inches; Playing Time: 45 minutes; playing speed: 33 1/3 rpm. It provides full stereo sound on a stereo player. From the Title of the container it appears that it is based on a love story by Franklin James which is later on dramatically presented by R. Gelfand. The sound recording is also available as cassette.


MAIN ENTRY :    Forget  me  not  [sound  recording]/  produced  by  David  Smith.–  New


York: Atlanta Records; Distributed by Global Records, 1987.

1 sound disc (45 min.): 331/3 rpm, stereo, 7 in

Recorded on both sides.

Available as eassette


Summary : Based on an episode from the love story by Franklin James which is dramatically presented by R. Gelfand.

1 Smith, David 11 James, Franklin




Title – 1 :


The three-dimensional technicolour film entitled, “The wreckage of ship” was produced and sponsored by Paramount pictures, New York in 1970 and was distributed and released by Universal Films Corporation in 1971.


Physical description : with sound

Screen time : 80 minutes for 3 reels

With of the film : 35 mm

Total length of the film : 7, 110 ft.


The film is in black and white with coloured sequences. Another version on 16mm film was issued only in black and white. Other than English version, in French and Russian were also issued.

Cast : Ross Taylor, David Williams, L. Lewis and Allen Donald.

Credits : Director : K. Galvin

Photography : Joseph Gill

Music : Henry Anderson

Film editor : Thomas Smith


Summary : Shows the destruction of a ship by cyclone in Pacific Sea.


Main Entry :

Wreckage of ship [motion picture]/ produced and sponsored by Paramount

Pictures;  director,  K.  Galvin  –   New  York  :   Universal  Films  Corporation,



3 film reels (80 min.) : sd., col. with b & w sequences; 35 mm.

In French and                                 Russion.


Cast : Ross Taylor, David Brown, L.Lewis and Allen Donald.


Credits : music, henry Anderdon; photographed, jeseph Gill; Editor, Thomas Smith :

Distributed and Released in 1971.


Three-Dimensional film.

Issued also in 16mm film with b & w.

Summary : Shows the destruction of a ship by cyclone in Pacific sea I Paramount Pictures II Galvin, K.


Title – 2 :


“Space flight to moon” is a technicolour videorecording was produced and sponsored by National Aeronautics Space Administration of USA in 1985. It was edited and sound recorded by Edward James. It was first released by National Space Television Association in New York in 1986.


Physical descriptions : with sound
Playing time : 50 minutes for 1 cassette
Speed : 1500 rpm
Diameter : 10 inches


It is in black and white with coloured sequences. The video recording is intended for public.


Main Entry :   Space flight to moon  video recording]/ produced and sponsored by National Aeronautics Space Administration, USA.-New York. National Space Television Association, 1986.


1 video cassette (50 min.) : sd., b & w with col. Sequences; 10 in.


Credits : Edited and sound recorded, Edward James.

Intended audience : Public.

I National Aeronautics Space Administration.




Title – 1:

“The Black Board Operation” is a filmstrip produced by National Commission on Education, Colombo in 2004. It has 2 reels containing 34 frames with 6 title frames coloured with sound track. The width is 35 mm. It is accompanied with a Teacher’s Guide.


It describes the steps taken to make literate the citizens irrespective of age in Sri Lanka.


Main Entry :


The blackboard operation [film strips]/ produced by National Commission of Education.-Colombo: [s.n.], 2004, 2 reels (34 fr., 6 title fr.) : sd.; 35 mm + 1 teacher’s guide.


Summary : Describes the steps taken to make literate the citizens irrespective of age in Sri Lanka.


I National Commission on Education.


Title – 2 :

Russian painting of the twentieth century is prepared in the form of slides by Global Slide Corporation in Moscow in 1981.

There are 120 coloured slides accompanied with a commentary. The slides are kept in flat plastic holders (25 X 21 cm) punched for insertion in 3 ring binders.


Summary : The slides shows the chronological development of Russian paintings from the beginning of the century to the post war period of 1980’s.


Main Entry :

Russian paintings of the twentieth century [slide].-Moscow: Slide Corporation, 1981.

120 slides: col. + commentary

In flat plastic holders (25×21 cm.) punched for insertion in 3 ring binders.


Summary : Chronological development of Russian paintings from the beginning of the century to the post war period of the 1980’s.


2.3.7.    Computer File :


Title -1 :


Computer file entitled, ‘puzzles in mathematics conceived and designed by Eric Powell and programmed by David Brown. The computer program consists of 3 files and 42 statements.

Global Electronics publishing

London, 2001.

3 coloured computer disks with 3¼ in + 1 user’s manual (45 P: ill, 24 cm.)

System requirements. IBM PC-XT/AT.

1 Powell, Eric II Brown,David.


Title -2: ‘Data base’ by John Miller.

Computer programme consists of 2 files of 240 K bytes, Aero Soft, Londan, 1998.

2 coloured computer disks accompanied by 1 demonstration disk. System requirements : IBM or capable, 386 or higher, 4 MB of RAM. Title is obtained from title screen.


Main Entry :   Miller, John.

Data base [computer file]/ by John Miller.- computer programme (2 files: 240K

bytes).- London: Acron soft, 1998.

2 computer disks: col. +1 demonstration disk.

System requirements: IBM or capable, 386 or higher, 4 MB of RAM.


Title from the serene

1 Title


2.3.8.    Three Dimensional Artefacts & Realia


Title-1 :   Sri Ram Navami Scene

Jai Hanuman Lithograph Company, 1998, Lucknow.

1 coloured diorama of various pieces made of plywood contained in a box of 34x24x16 cm.

Includes the figures of Sri Ram, Laxman, Seeta & Hanuman.


MB        Sri Ram Navami Scene [diorama].- Lucknow: Jai Hanuman Lithograph Company, 1998.

1 diorama (various pieces) : plywood, col., in a box 34 x 24 x 16 cm.

Includes figures : Sri Ram, Laxman, Seeta & Hanuman. MICROFORM :


Microfisch of 5th proceedings of seminar on Pollution Control & Deforestation was held in 2001 at New York State University, New York. The seminar proceedings was edited by Jack Edwards and published by New York State University.


Note :  Total no. of microfishes-2. It is a negative copy having sizes : 12 x 16 cm and 14 x 17cm.


Main Entry :

Seminar on pollution control & deforestation (5th: 2001: New york State University)

Proceedings [microform]/ edited by Jack Edwards.- New York : New     York


State University, 2001.

2 microfiches : negative, 12 x 16cm. and 12 x 16cm. and 14 x 17cm.

Edwards, Jack II Title.



Title -2 :

AL – 56                                              Frame-1




Management of Change in libraries in dDgital Environment

By Alfred Gale


A Ph.D Thesis submitted to the faculty of Arts,

Ohio University, 2008. It belongs to ACRL Micro card

Series numbering 120. University Press, Association of College & Research Libraries, physical description 5 micro cards of 9 x 12 cm


Main Entry




Management of change in libraries in digital environment [microform] /by Alfred Gale.-         [s.l.]:

University press for ACRL, 2008.

4 micro cards; 9x12cm. – (ACRL Microcard series; no. 120)

Thesis (Ph.D) – Ohio University, 2008

Microcard: AL 56, RL28

1 Title II Series



2.4.        Summary :


After referring and going through the e-text, one has to able to understand the intricacies and techniques applied in the cataloguing of special materials under study. The entry of the illustrative examples have been well designed and explained. Hence the e-text highlights the following :

  • Ø Knowledge to catalogue the maps, atlases and globes.
  • Ø Information found in manuscrips & their proper cataloguing.
  • Ø The description part & determination of heading of music, sound recordings, motion picture & videorecording.
  • Ø How to catalogue past card, chart, side, film strip, transparency, technical drawing, microfisch, microcard etc. has also been mentioned and explained lucidly.
  • Ø Further the computer file & electronic resources discussed citing relevant & useful examples in a meaningful way.

Interesting facts :


  • AACR-2R provides the detailed rules for cataloguing of special materials.
  • Physical description and notes area are important while cataloguing various special materials.
  • Most of the main entries are prepared either under ‘Author’, ‘Title’ or ‘Corporate body’.


References :


  1. Aichele, Jeaw. A manual of AACR-2 : Examples for Motion pictures and video recordings. Lake Crystal; min: Soldier Greek Press, 1981.
  2. American lLbrary Association. Anglo American Cataloguing Rules, 1988 revised Chicago : ALA, 1988.
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Glossary :



Local Access :    It is understood to mean that a physical carrier can be described. Such a carrier (e.g disk /disc, cassette, catridge) must be inserted by the user into a computer or into a peripheral attached to a computer.



Remote Access : It is understood to mean that no physical carrier can be handled by the user -typically access can only be provided by use of an input-output device (e.g a terminal) either connected to a computer system or by use of resources stored in a hard disc or other storage device.


Statement of responsibility. The person or bodies credited with a major role in creating the content of the resource.